Our Objectives

  1. To Promote a High Standard of Teaching
    • To promote the interest of its members by stimulating them through workshops, master classes, and conferences
    • To promote progressive ideas and methods in the teaching of music
    • To encourage systematic preparation in the art of teaching and to stimulate the acquirement by its members of a high standard of musicianship and general culture
  2. To Foster an Interest in the Organization
    • To promote a spirit of comradeship and by encouraging members to serve on branch, provincial and national councils where appropriate
    • To encourage and foster the formation of local branches composed of members of the Association at suitable centres throughout Saskatchewan
    • To speak with one voice on provincial and national issues and always advocate on matters of concern for the professional musician and for the student of music
  3. To Promote Continuing Education by and for the Teacher
    • To encourage the sharing of ideas that would be useful to members and students by giving workshops or writing pedagogical articles for the Association’s journal
  4. To Maintain the Recognition of Music as a Credit in High School and in Post Secondary Institutions
  5. To Promote and Maintain the Status of Professional Music Teachers in the Province
    • To promote and assist all movements designed to improve the teaching of music and foster the interest of the public in music and for these purposes to join with other societies and associations having like aims and objectives in furthering these purposes
    • To promote and maintain the status of professional music teachers in the province by educating the public on the importance of a qualified teacher, and by encouraging upgrading and keeping informed through workshops, periodicals and conferences.

Our Code of Ethics

The Saskatchewan Teacher will:

  • Teach to the best of his/her ability and always promote a positive professional image.
  • Always respect the dignity of the student and the work of another teacher.
  • Keep the trust under which confidential information is exchanged.
  • Refrain from proselytizing another teacher’s students by inducement, innuendo, or insinuation.
  • Be candid but kind and objective when advising a student of his/her abilities.
  • Have fair and honorable business practices at all times in dealing with students and the Association.
  • Not misrepresent his/her own professional standing or advertise in a misleading manner.
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